Wood floor cleaning robot. A cool gadget to free your time

Wood floor cleaning robot

Like most people, you probably don’t like cleaning, but do it because you have to. After a long day at work, cleaning is not your priority and hiring a maid would require you to work longer hours to cover the fees incurred. In fact, cleaning is time consuming and boring. If you have wood floors, you know they constantly need to be vacuumed and washed. We all seen these cartoon where the wood floor cleaning robots gets out its broom or mop out and washes everything. We are not quite there yet, but we are heading toward the fully functional cleaning robo­­­­­t.

Like most people, a cool cleaning gadget would be nice. You probably dreamed of having a robot for your cleaning chores; something that can do the job while you are at work, or, when you are planning on having guests over knowing that the floor needs to be refreshed. There is nothing like a wood flour cleaning robot to help you with the task on hand. In fact, in today’s world, robots are everywhere. As a matter of fact, cleaning robots have been on the market since a few years.

Types of cleaning robots

A cool cleaning gadgets iRobot 690There are a few types of floor robots. One model is a vacuum type which picks up dust, pet hair or even small debris, such as the iRobot 690 for example.  However, not all types will do and you really have to verify the product descriptions. The other kind will wash your floor; well this little wood floor cleaning robot will freshen up your wood floors more than deep clean them. More specifically, these automated cleaners will not provide as good a cleaning job as you would personally. For example; if there is a stain on the floor that has been there for the last 3 days and had dried up, you can’t expect these little guys to clean it properly. It might remove a portion of it, but will not scrub right through it as a human would.

Don’t forget that when cleaning floors, we the human will normally do it in 2 steps while these little cleaning robots, perfect for what they were built for, will not do it in a dual process as we do.

Wood floor cleaning – A 2 step process

We all cleaned floors at some point in our life. Knowingly or not, we do it in a 2 step process. When it comes to cleaning, wood floors tend to be difficult. If you don’t pick up the dust first, as you wash, it will leave streaks or

This little cleaning robot is amazing to refresh or maintain your floors
cleaning robot under counter

smears on the floors. These streaks are caused by the dust residue left on the floors and then mixed with the cleaning solution when sprayed on the floor. The smears left behind are highly visible when the sun makes its appearance, simply because you didn’t pick up the dust prior to washing them.

This is why this little cleaning robot is amazing to refresh or maintain your floors as long as you do it on a regular basis. So, if you are a picky person, and do a deep clean yourself, those wood floors cleaning robot can serve you well for the rest of the week. You simply power it on while doing other tasks.

Cleaning robot vs Awkward shape room

Square, rectangle, round, triangle or even odd shapes, these are all shapes found in our modern houses or apartments. Some are large, while some are small. When engaging in your cleaning task, you don’t really look at the shape of it. You do what needs to be done. But when it comes to your wood floor cleaning robot , it just might be a different story.

The cleaning robots comes in 2 different shapes or sizes. The shape needs to be taken into account because some are round while others are square. This is important if you want the corners to be cleaned properly. Simply put, a round one won’t be able to clean square corners.

Because of the size, if your room is in an odd shape and\or full of clutter, you might want to look at a smaller model so it can clean the small area properly. The smaller models are great for bathrooms since the robot can manage its way behind the toilet or sink, provided there is enough space.

When it comes to cleaning edges, the square models are a much better choice. In fact these robots should adapt to your room shape without any problems. However, your budget needs to be taken into consideration.

Today’s robots seem to be square or round, but some with adaptable shapes will make their way on the market in the very near future.  In fact, within a few years, you might see some looking like the “Tetris game”

Tetris shape cleaning robot
In fact,
within a few years, you might see some looking like the
“Tetris game”

The floor robot dance

cleaning robot under counterOh Ya! a dance. You might find yourself staring at it in the beginning. It might seem strange when you watch them clean, but bear in mind that they actually follow a pattern, an organized dance. Some seem to zig zag in a strange way, while others will follow a grid pattern. But at the end, they do the job!


Maintaining your wood floor – Should not mean cleaning your wallet.

When it comes to price, only you know how much you’re willing to pay. High-end and bigger with Apps and charging station might be expensive, but if you can afford it, why not. If you want to simply try one, it doesn’t need to be too expensive, however, the result night not be the same. In our modern age, the prices are all related to the technology involved and the durability.

The greatest gift – more time to enjoy life

Time is something we simply don’t seem to have enough of. The one cleaning gadget you could use to save time for yourself is certainly a cleaning robot. You will benefit from having a wood floor cleaning robot to take care of your expensive and beautiful floors. Because of our busy daily life, these little robots are a cool cleaning gadgets to have in every home. They are quiet and most of them will hug your wall baseboards. If you choose the proper size, you will have a great job at the end. A great floor robot will give you more time to enjoy doing other things, like hobbies. Leave the cleaning chores to something built for it.

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