Swiffer 360 Extendable Dusters vs Microfiber Duster


Dusting! Everybody has done some dusting in their life. It’s an easy task if you’re dusting tables, small cabinets, mostly things at eye level. But when it comes to fan blades, top of cabinets, high bookcases, crown molding or air vents, it’s a different story. Now imagine you are a senior citizen!

For anybody, high dusting will require the use of a small ladder or chair, but if you’re an elderly carrying these items can be challenging and even dangerous. This is why among my cool cleaning gadgets for seniors I include the best microfiber dusters and the swiffer 360 extendable dusters.

The swiffer 360 extendable duster

The Swiffer is well known today. A lot of people are using it to clean on a daily basis. It’ often used by maid services and even commercial cleaners. I for one use it once in a while in my cleaning business.

Now the Swiffer comes in various models, such as hand held regular, hand held 360, swiffer 360 extendable duster, used mainly for reaching higher surfaces, and the heavy duty version.

Pro’s and Con’s of the Swiffer extendable

The swiffer, like every single item, has good features and some not so good. Below, you will find some examples:


  • Need constant refill
  • Low quality (made for home use)
  • Does not bend 90o (unless buying the heavy duty model)
  • Could be hard for seniors to fit the duster on the handle
  • Still need a ladder to reach higher flat surfaces


  • Light weight
  • Extend to 3 feets
  • Duster cleans on a 360o
  • Trap dust
  • Bend 90o on heavy duty model

Microfiber dusters for home 

Like the Swiffer or everything else there is pro’s and con’s.  My personal choice would be this one for commercial cleaning.  For home cleaning, there is a lot of variables to consider when it comes to microfiber. Here’s a general list of what you can find written on these products:


  • Fibers can clump after a few washes
  • Handle breaks (on some models)
  • Could grip items while dusting due to loop fibers (on some models)


  • Bend to various angle
  • Extend longer than swiffer
  • The duster cleans all around
  • Non slip or ergonomic handle
  • Washable duster (hand or machine)
  • No need for refill (refill also available)
  • Various brand available

Considering a Senior Gift Ideas

Both the swiffer duster and the microfiber duster have pro’s and con’s. For the elderly who wants to do some light dusting, I would recommend the Swiffer 360 extendable duster in the heavy duty model for its more practical use.

For heavy jobs, like dusting fan blade or things that need to be shaped around, such as pipes, I would recommend the microfiber duster because it’s washable and it extends further. Cobweb duster extension pole is also available for cobweb removals in high corners.

Either way, Swiffer or Microfiber, you have to consider who will be the users, seniors or others, prices and practicality.

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