Steam cleaners for home. A good investment.

How does it work?

Like any steam machine (or pressurized hot water), the process is quite simple.  One type of machine that comes to my mind is the famous Expresso or Cappuccino machine.  You need to heat the water, which creates a pressure in the seal tank, and at the right temperature and pressure, you make your coffee by releasing the pressurized water.

Steam cleaner machine use approximately 6% water at a pressure level of more or less 60 psi.  In some machine, you can control the temperature of the water, but in general, it will need a temperature of 250° or more.

What makes it so good for cleaning is the low amount of moisture and high heat.  Hot boiling water is used to sanitize and disinfect in various field.

Steam cleaning Warning

Can you use steam on everything?

The answer is no!  Before you think of using steam on everything, you better check if the surface to be cleaned will be affected by high heat.  Don’t forget the water comes out at around 250° or more, so beware!

Surfaces, such as ceramic tiles, toilets, sinks and windows usually does not present any problem. Steam cleaner grout is very safe, however, you must use caution when using on furniture as it can be affected by the high heat.  Be sure to verify the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturers for your couches, chairs or tables.  In doubt, do not use it!

Steam cleaner, are they all the same?

Once again, the answer is no!  It depends on the intended use.  

Do you intend to use the  machine for only a few times a year or for commercial purposes, where the frequency and type of cleaning differs from household cleaning?

Before purchasing, you should check the following:

  • How easy is it to clean the tank, since as time goes by, the water tank will accumulate minerals from the water.  Check you tea kettle and you’ll see what I mean!
  • Are the tools included with the purchase of the machine are the proper ones for the use intended?
  • What are your needs? Would you prefer a handheld grout steam cleaner or a more versatilesteam cleaning machine with many attachment?
  • Is the hose long enough for you to reach the areas you wish to clean and is it removable?
  • Can you adjust the temperature or the steam pressure?

What can I use the machine for?


Steam cleaning shower

Steam machine can be used on various surfaces, and because it is chemical free, it’s a great tool to use if you have environmental concerns. You can use it to clean most fabrics without fearing skin reaction and allergies.  Furthermore, steam machine will not affect the color of the fabric, unlike bleach.
I personally use a steam machine when cleaning my windows seals or casing and they look like new afterwards. I also find tile grout steam cleaner very efficient, bringing the grout like new.

Steam cleaning is like a very strong degreaser without the harsh chemicals as it dissolves grease rapidly.
It’s a great tool to use on;

  • Stove
  • Micro-waves
  • Kitchen fans
  • BBQ
  • Windows
  • Carpet (with the proper attachment. Read manufacturer warning first)
  • Bathroom sink
  • Toilet
  • Removing mildew
  • Tire
  • Car
  • and much more

If you are a professional cleaner, a steam machine can be a good addition to your tools as it can be used to disinfect bathrooms, instead of using multiple rags and chemical products.  It’ also great for hard to reach areas.

Steam cleaning machine, a good investment:

Steam cleaning is an effective way to clean and is environmentally safe, which is great for the planet and your health!

Before purchasing, take time to assess your needs, whether it will be used for personal or commercial cleaning as well as the frequency you intend to use it.

When purchasing the right equipment for your needs, these steam cleaners become a cool cleaning gadgets and a very good investment.

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