Motion activated trash can

This one is for you! You know the one who loves cooking, chopping and peeling vegetables! The one that makes more crumbs on the counter top and floor than in his plate….. Wait a minute, are we talking about me!  This motion activated trash can or touchless trash can is perfect for me and for you.

In my case, it’s the perfect and a cool cleaning gadget to use when I make my pizza dough or bread, as according to my wife, there is more flour on the floor than the counter top…..

You know that little line that doesn’t seem to ever go away when you use a dustpan! With this motion activated vacuum, this trash can will take care of it and you won’t see it anymore. It will get sucked up right in the trash.

Motion activated to keep your hands clean

This type of trash can, comes with motion sensors that detects anyone who gets close to the Motion activated trash can bin and will automatically open it. It is a great gadget for the kitchen since you don’t have to open it with your hands when they are full of dough, flour, oil or any type of dirt. This way, you keep your trash can cover clean and do not have to wash your hands if you’re manipulating food items. Therefore, you can concentrate on cooking rather than cleaning your hands and the trash can.

Due to the motion sensors, you have to consider where to place this wonderful bin. The cover will open when someone passes in front, or, when the dog passes too close. It could be annoying at times. So think carefully as to where you want to install it if you don’t want your motion activated trash can to open constantly.

The motion sensor is a cool cleaning gadgets to keep your trash can cover clean and will also help you from washing your hands if you’re manipulating food 

A Trash can for every room

This touchless trash can will fit perfectly in any environment like your kitchen, bathroom, office and even your pet grooming salon. It is a great cleaning gadget to have when your hands tend to be full or in areas where you often use the broom. You can install this trash can pretty much anywhere due to its convenient 6’ power cord and also its modern look.

No more excuse, now it is motion activated

This trash can is equipped with a vacuum system that can be switched from auto to manual if desired. The vacuum is conveniently located at the base of the trash can and, if set in the automatic mode, it will pick up the dry dirt, debris, dust and hair if placed in front of it. With this useful system, when you drop crumbs on the floor, you don’t have any excuses to not pick it up.

Motion activated trash can or central vacuum automatic sweep inlet

If you own a house and can’t afford the complete central vacuum installation, with or without a combined automatic sweep dustpan, or you don’t want to remove part of your ceilings to install additional ducts, then this cleaning gadget is a great alternative! This trash can will not replace a central vacuum, but when it comes to the floor sweep inlet, it can be a very good option.

The future is in the touchless or motion activated devices

I have been in the cleaning industry for the past 30 years and I have seen the progress  with the tools of the trade. We went from soap bars to liquid soap dispenser and now touchless dispenser. We went from cotton towel in rolls to individual paper sheets to touchless paper dispenser. Nowadays, we are looking at automatic vacuum cleaner, floor cleaning robot and touchless trash can!

With this modern and beautiful trash can, you can cook a frenzy in your kitchen and forget about the dust pan, simply broom it right in. It’s that simple! Using it in your bathroom or pet grooming salon for hair pickup, will be a great way to simplify your cleaning chores. No vacuum hose to roll and unroll. No dust lines left behind by the dustpan.

This motion activated trash can will bring you one notch closer to the touchless high-tech home of the future. This is why I had to place this amongst the cool cleaning gadgets to have.

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