Hand Free Dual Mop Bucket System

Do you have parents who are living alone? If yes, you definitely know how proud they are and how much they love their independence. They want to be able to do everything by themselves, for as long as they can, and they do not want to ask for help. Cleaning is one thing they tend to neglect because it is a hard task at times.

If you want to remain autonomous, the only thing you can do is find a cool cleaning gadgets for seniors to help them keep their freedom.

These days, there are so many product choices to help seniors, and one of them is the dual mop bucket system or a microfiber mop pad.

The dual mop bucket is easy to use

When you’re older, you do not want to bend all the times since it often hurt your back and your joints hurt. This mop system is design for that. The only thing you have to do is fill the bucket compartment and add some of your preferred soap or detergent.

Take your microfiber mop and dip it in the soapy water side, remove and pass it on the dry slot to remove excess water once or more depending on how wet you want your mop. No need to bend over or wring it with your hands anymore. It’s now very easy to wash your floors or even walls.

Once finished, simply remove the microfiber mop pad and throw it in the laundry for a thorough cleanup or wash it by hands.

It’s that easy to use!

Even kids can do it.

A hand free mop & bucket systems

By hand free, I do not mean that this mop system will do the work by itself. It simply means you no longer have to put your hands in dirty water and wring it by hands. By using this dual mop bucket system they will not damage the skin on their hands due to dirty water and chemical residue. Dirty water contains much more contaminants than people think, so it’s a much healthier way for seniors to clean their floors.

A Low profile mop pad system

This microfiber mop pad systems is designed in a low profile to ensure cleaning small places such as under couches and cabinets. It is built with a swivel that virtually go flat to allow you to maneuver under low furniture with ease and also rotate 360o making it easy to go around tight spots.

Mop pad water control

With this flat mop bucket, you control how much water you want on your mop pad. The more pass you do on the drying side of the bucket, the less water you will have on your microfiber pad. This is the perfect microfiber mop systems for all types of flooring in your home.

Perfect gift idea for seniors

If you are a senior citizen or simply want to provide a cool cleaning gadgets to an elderly, this mop system is a good way to remain independent and autonomous. This can be the perfect senior gift idea. This is a hand free and self-cleaning mop pad and very simple to rinse. It can be cleaned in the washer and be reused as often as you like. It’s also lightweight, low profile and environmentally friendly. Everyone loves their dual mop bucket system.

Note that their is also available the O Cedar easywring with a pedal that control spin drying system. This is also another mop system appreciated by seniors.

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