Gutter downspouts cleaning tools

Gutter downspouts cleaning tools

As a home owner, year after years, it’s time for the usual cleaning season. For certain tasks, it’s done in the spring, while others are in the fall.

Gutters and its downspouts are among the list of tasks that require your cool cleaning gadgets, don’t forget your neighbour are watching. Ok, you can take your regular cleaning tools but choosing the right gutter downspout cleaning tools is important. The proper tools will ensure you maintain your gutters in good condition and in good working order as they help to keep the water away from the foundation of your home.

Gutter downspout cleaning require ease of use and safety

In today’s world, everything has to be done fast. Therefore, when acquiring tools, you have to think about safety and ease of use. We have in general so little time to do what needs to be done that we end up rushing to finish the job. Cleaning and maintaining your gutters should not be dangerous, it has to be easy and fast while done in a safe manner.

I often see neighbors clean their gutters using a ladder, most of the times too short for the job as they are perched on the last step. For safety purposes, this is totally not recommended. Today, you can find all sort of tools to clean your gutters or downspouts. It basically comes to a personal choice.

Multiple tools and gadgets to keep your gutter system clean

As a professional in the cleaning industries, I prefer using tools that allow me to move from the ground. It is much safer and faster than going up and down a ladder. You can find tools that use brushes and tools you can attach to your garden hose. There are also attachments for your pressure washer, if you have one. It can vary from small attachments to extendable pole, even robot.

Nowadays we are in the era of high-tech tools. You can find a robot that can clean your gutter system. A machine equipped with tracks and a rotating head on which whiskers are mounted. This little guys need to be placed at one end of your gutter system. Once placed and powered on, it will follow the gutter to the other end, throwing out the leaves and debris with its whiskers. The inconvenience with this is that you still need to go up and down a ladder to place it or remove it.

My personal choice would be an extendable pole that can be attached to a garden hose. Should you decide to use this tool, you have to use it every year so you don’t have to scrub too much. If you’re the type to skip a year or two, you should consider using a cleaning tool that can be attached to a pressure washer.

There is a small gadget I was looking at the other day. It’s a water rocket that you attach to your water hose. It’s a cone with holes in it, which is designed to create a high pressure jet which pushes that rocket up in your downspout or gutter system, cleaning it in the process and better than passing a brush up and down. When it comes to the downspout gutter cleaning tools, this one probably works better as a downspout cleaning tools than the gutter one.


Beware of chemicals while doing your gutter downspout cleaning
If you own a house since a few years, you certainly noticed the stains on your gutters. These stains come from the roof and they are very difficult to remove, especially if your gutters are white. Often, you will have to scrub using brushes or scrubbing sponges while most likely adding an acid chemical in the bucket.

If you do your gutter downspout cleaning every year, you might just need a brush attachment to your pole or other system you’re using. A light scrub with detergent might do the trick.

In the case you have to add chemicals to your cleaning solution, understand that not all chemicals are the same. Some are biodegradable, others are extremely toxic. You will need to read the labels with care. Often, these chemicals will kill your plants around the house if mixed too strong. Some will even burn your glass windows. I knew someone who did burn his car windshield using of a strong acid chemical as he didn’t pay attention to the mixing proportion.

I do recommend that you find a good professional supplier for your cleaning products. They can guide you with the right product for the job that needs to be done.

Gutter cleaning using a pressure washer

If you decide to use your pressure washer to clean your gutter downspouts, you might need to be careful. We see lots of people cleaning the exterior of their house and one mistake they all do while using their pressure washer is spraying directly under the gutters. This area of the roof is called a soffit and has holes which allows your roof to breath. It is also a direct access to some insulation in the roof.

If you spray directly on the soffit using a pressure washer, water will go in and get the insulation wet. If your insulation gets too wet and doesn’t dry fast enough, it will cause some mold to grow. Mold is very dangerous for your health and you don’t want this in your house.

So when using your pressure washer as a tool for your gutter and downspout cleaning, beware for the soffit, avoid putting water in it.

The choice is yours

In short, the choice of a cool cleaning gadgets for your gutter downspout cleaning tools always come to what you are comfortable with or what you already have as tools. In my book, safety always come first. This is why my personal choice would be some tools that allows me to work safely from the ground if possible. Your choice also depends on what you are willing to spend for a great tool. Regardless of what you do, if you use chemicals, make sure to read carefully the label. Happy cleaning!


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