Welcome to my website coolcleaninggadgets.com. This website will review or simply talk about various items found in the cleaning industries, Hightech Gadgets or tools you could use in your home, which could make your everyday life easier. I hope you enjoy your visit on our site.  Feel free to comment or suggest other items relevant to our site.


Approximately 30 years ago, I started a cleaning business while I was out of work, and within, 2 weeks I had enough clients to generate about 4 times the amount I made monthly at my regular job. From that point on, I decided to continue my journey as an entrepreneur in the cleaning industries, which I still do today.

Throughout time, I noticed in the area where I live, in the vicinity of Montreal, Quebec, the lack of proper information on the technology available in my new field. It seemed I knew more about the various products and equipment available on the market than my own suppliers.

I’m the type of person who talks to pretty much everybody. Obviously, I spoke with competitors and even maid services. Most of them still use old technology or techniques, and when asked why they have not kept up to date, their answer was that they were not aware of the new practices or that they were simply too cheap to invest in new products/gadgets.

As an entrepreneur, I am not paid by the hour, therefore my time is money. This is why investing in new tools and keeping up to date with the new technology is important. Faster I go, better it is for my wallet!


I see so many people struggling in their everyday life and time seems to be an issue for everyone.  It seems like the number of daily hours has somehow diminished. Everything goes so fast!

Many of my neighbors and friends have resorted to hiring a maid in order to have more time with their loved ones. From what I hear, it seems that many of them use improper tools, which results generally in a poorly done job. These neighbors and friends complain frequently and have asked me what was available on the market that would simplify the cleaning tasks.

The answer is; Yes there is! We now live in an era of great technology and it keeps getting better and better.


On this website, I will try my very best to answer all the questions you have and point out the new technology, tools, equipment and gadgets available to you.

From top to bottom, dusting rags to automatic window cleaner, we will give you our opinion on the best products to use for residential or commercial cleaning.

All the best,

Jacques B.